Barcelona Travel Guide

I Like Barcelona and it´s people .   

If you are the type of person that likes to sunbathe on a sandy beach in the middle of cold winter during a 2 hour lunchbreak with a nice paella in your stomach and a glass if wine in your hand, then come and stay in Barcelona and melt in our sand.If you are the type of person who likes to shop and shop and shop and discover all those little things you can never find anywhere else, then spend an afternoon in the Raval or el Barri Gotic.If you are the type of person who likes to see thousands of others looking at you, checking you out then come and enjoy Barcelona.If you are the type of person whom does not mind screaming for a coffee in Barcelona to get the waiters warm attention then come to Barcelona.Let summarise what we can do for now: shop until 10pm have dinner, go dancing until 3 am wake up at 9 am look at all the cement buildings, relax on the beach, go to the opera, watch 1100 tourists and end up on a merry go round.Sounds good What else?Walk the streets of the old city and breathe 3000 years of history, imagine, how Columbus once felt when met by the kings of Spain, at Plaza del Rei.If you think that fun is getting scorches to death by dragons, devils and children throwing monstrous fire crackers and escorted by 1200 thousand people with neighbours hosing you down to keep you cool then come on over to Barcelona.

Yes people also work and a lot and we have businesses and are very very serious about life