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Barcelona things to do.

Barcelona things to do.

How about a good pop flamenco concert not intented for tourists ?

I recommend the following artist and concert:


Where ?

Luz de Gas
Address: C Muntaner, 246
District: Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

When? 19/03/2010 at 21.30

Price 22 euros.

Jose “El Frances” (1971 -), whose real name is Jose Rodriguez Vazquez was  born in  Montpellier in 1971. That is why he is called Joseph the French ( el francés. Yes he is a gyspsy descendant of spanish immigrants and a cantaor, a flamenco vocalist.

Having played and recorded with the famed Camaron de la Isla his discography includes:

* The streets of San Blas (1992)

* We’re perfect (1995)

* Soul (1999)

* Playing love (2002)

* Water of hope (2004)

Respirando Amor (2009)

He will be presenting his latest CD  “Respirando Amor”.  with 11 new songs as “Caracolillos de Luna”

Please listen to him on

Jose el Frances, Barcelona Hostal Residencia Australia

The Labyrinth of Horta

Our barcelona hostel tip of the day is to visit the romantic gardens and labyrinth of Horta. Prices adults: 1,90o. Children under 6 free Opening hours: From until sunset XVIII century construction Architect: Doménico Bagutti

How to get there: Line 111, the green line, exit at Mundet Have fun.

The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools.

This is cool tip and it is a good opportunity to get a nice view of the city as it is located in the top part of the city next to the mountain of Tibidado.

Barcelona starting the day

Barcelona Hostal Residencia Australia things to do

I feel fortunate to be able to have a cofeee o the beach everymoring before work.

It is hard to believe that just 50 meters away you have the city with almost 2 million people starting their day also.

Why don´t they come down and say hello to the mediterranean ?

Look at a stone and feel the past

La Rambla del Borne.

This rambla can be considered the heart of the bohemian district of “el
Borne”, next to the main ramblas, full of nice bars and cafes to enjoy the
Barcelona night.

You would never guess that this rambla was before the grounds for medieval
tournaments. At certain times of the year they would decorate this rambla
with flowers and flags with the nobel´s emblems , build wooden seating
arrangements so that the town´s folk could attend in mass numbers to witness
the brave combats.

The Montcada family was known for the bravery of their Knights, ( the
museum Picasso is located on the street named after this family) who also
fought along side Roger de Lauria in the crusades of the Holy Land.

Where does the Camino de Santiago start in Barcelona?

Barcelona Travel Guide, Where does the Camino de Santiago start in
Barcelona?. The Church of Sant Jaume.

Located on calle Ferrán, ( Rambla´s area), opposite the old jewish
quarters. During the medieval times it was a meeting point for converted
jews, a church that the rest of christians tried to avoid.

Once inside the church check out the altar , a reproduction of the Pilgrim
of Santiago with the shell and walking stick. The church is considered the
starting point in Barcelona for the Camino de Santiago.

Barcelona Travel Guide Ictineo: The worlds first submarine

Ictineo: That was the name of the first world´s submarine ship, designed by the catalonian engineer Narcis Monturiol between 1856 and 1860. This engineer, developed and tested the ship in the city port, that´s why you could see a real size reproduction of this wonderful creation at the Port Vell, near the Aquarium.

More info on

Day trips outside Barcelona, Wine tasting

Day trips outside Barcelona, Wine tasting

Things to do outside the city involving drinking wine, do not feel guilty as this is a cultural experience and you might remember afterwards something of what you have learnt.

I have a book with over 50 organised suggestions for wine tasting outside Barcelona.

These two are today[base ‘]s selection

This one sounds like fun.

. Tourism and cycling and in between glasses of wine

You must take a helmet with you as I am sure you will fall of the bike, also get yourself a good accident insurance, and take a dark marker and a big map so you will not forget how to cycle back home. This alcoholic exercise can be found at

You will tour the Penedes region, by bike, this region is right next to Barcelona, and of course behind you in a car you will have permanent assistance and they will organise for you all the necessary catering accommodation etch.

The cost is around 175 euros.

As a tip I would take with me 5 or 6 water flasks and fill them up with wine when the people are not looking.

This penedes region is fairly flat so do not worry about heavy breathing.

This is a cheap one.

For 4 euros visit the famous Alella Marfil wine cellar constructed in 1906 by the modernists architect (yes gaudi was not the only one) called Jeroni Martorell. Alella is very close to Barcelona.

They will explain to you all the secrets of wine production and tasting. The wine they make is a very special wine called DO alella.

They will let you taste the wine.

I am sure you will want more and buy a bottle of this white wine.

For more info visit>www.alellaviñ

Well its time to go.