Concerts and More Concerts Thomas Lorenzo

Concerts And More Concerts Thomas Lorenzo

Melbourne is a vibrant city of live music with over 200 music related activities and concerts daily. It is a privilege to form part of the cultural scene and help develop it further with this series of 6 concerts I have undertaken.

My upcoming concerts include jazz collaborations with local artists as Ben Robertson on Bass. This concert will be held on August 23rd at 3 pm. It  will be dedicated to exploring flamenco in an improvised setting .

Flamenco guitar is generally be played as a solo instrument. The bass will  allow me to become more lyrical in the phrasing . The guitar then interprets melodies as if I  was taking on the role of the vocalist. This form of expression widens the array of textures that both myself and Ben will immerse ourselves in.

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Concerts and more concerts

The concert will be held at Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143
(03) 9509 8958. It starts at 3pm. We will also have the privilege of  sharing the stage with artists as Xanet Calbet ( guitar) and Cochita Carrsaco ) Palmas.

My third concert to be held on September 25th at 7pm will have as guest artist Carlos Sanchez.

This Melbourne concert will be dedicated to flamenco jazz and Federico Gracia Lorca. The Spanish poet member of the Generation of ’27 executed by Nationalist forces at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.‪ The regime censored his work until 1953. The poems will be recited in Spanish but translations will be available. on the television screens  in the venue.

Once again I thank you all for supporting my live shows. For further info on my Flamenco shows or jazz shows please visit my website.

For further info on my creative teaching for guitar please visit my Melbourne guitar school website.

And last since music is about expression. I  would like to invite you all to visit by artistic site where all my compositions and albums have been classified by emotions rather than by style, since  the objective of all music is to express and the style, is simply the medium of the emotions.

Please feel free to leave a note as you listen to each track so as between all of us we can come up with the most exact emotion a composition evokes.


Thomas Lorenzo