Day trips outside Barcelona, Wine tasting

Day trips outside Barcelona, Wine tasting

Things to do outside the city involving drinking wine, do not feel guilty as this is a cultural experience and you might remember afterwards something of what you have learnt.

I have a book with over 50 organised suggestions for wine tasting outside Barcelona.

These two are today[base ‘]s selection

This one sounds like fun.

. Tourism and cycling and in between glasses of wine

You must take a helmet with you as I am sure you will fall of the bike, also get yourself a good accident insurance, and take a dark marker and a big map so you will not forget how to cycle back home. This alcoholic exercise can be found at

You will tour the Penedes region, by bike, this region is right next to Barcelona, and of course behind you in a car you will have permanent assistance and they will organise for you all the necessary catering accommodation etch.

The cost is around 175 euros.

As a tip I would take with me 5 or 6 water flasks and fill them up with wine when the people are not looking.

This penedes region is fairly flat so do not worry about heavy breathing.

This is a cheap one.

For 4 euros visit the famous Alella Marfil wine cellar constructed in 1906 by the modernists architect (yes gaudi was not the only one) called Jeroni Martorell. Alella is very close to Barcelona.

They will explain to you all the secrets of wine production and tasting. The wine they make is a very special wine called DO alella.

They will let you taste the wine.

I am sure you will want more and buy a bottle of this white wine.

For more info visit>www.alellaviñ

Well its time to go.