Musical Barbecue and Guitar Concerts

Musical Barbecue and Guitar Concerts

The Creative Guitar School directed by Thomas Lorenzo celebrates a year of dedicated passion to guitar learning with the annual Musical Barbecue hosted in Melbourne, Victoria , Australia.

Students and families shared an afternoon of international food and music. All students chipped in and brought foods representative of their ethnic cultures. We had cuisine representing India, China, Vietnam, Venezeula , Mauricius, Hong Kong, Sri Lank, Spain. Uruguay, Singapore, Uk and France.

After our banquet guitar students performed in duos and trios  a selection of repertoire they had been working on during the year. It was a magical evening where guitarists of all levels and skills came together and shared two hours of music in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Music is about sharing with others the beauty of life.  It hard work to get your licks flowing but a satisfying discipline for all those that take it up as means of personal wellbeing and joy.

As a guitar teacher  I love to share knowledge but I also love to share my music as a performer in different styles and genres of music.

Jazz Melbourne Concert

This coming Thursday on July 9th I will be performing my Jazz Melbourne Concert of the month at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne,Vic, Australia.

I will be performing, on electric guitar, a selection of original compositions from my albums and traditional jazz standards as: Stella by Starlight, Autumn leaves, Mercy Mercy, West Coast Blues, Four on Six, Billies Bounce, Someday my prince will come, In a sentimental mood amongst others.

I love groove as the foundation of my musical exposition. When a strong groove is established the musical ideas just keep on pouring out of my brain. I hear harmonies flying by and all I have to do is ti tap into them whenever I wish. Jazz improvisation is pure freedom in a controlled anarchy. This is a contradiciton but I sometimes wonder if chaos has a structure and is guided  by rules that govern equilibrium.

I would like to invite you all to this concert to be held in Melbourne . I will be accompanied by Darryn Farrugia on Drums and Tamara Murphy on Bass. You will hear sweet music, laid back jazz, aggressive explosions, never ending climaxes, whispers, silence , slow words, joy and sadness.

When ever I play it feels as if I was tapping into mother nature and not having any other option but to express the chaos and beauty of existence.