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Melbourne Concerts

Melbourne Concerts

Through this link you will find tickets links for all Melbourne concerts related to the composer and guitarist Thomas Lorenzo

Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzi

How To Find The Next Best Melbourne Concerts

If you live in Melbourne, or anywhere near it, you probably should have known by now that this city is one of the bests in terms of entertainment. This is one of the reasons why Melbourne is swarmed by tourists year after year. With the city’s fantastic treasure trove of entertainment and exciting times, different Melbourne concerts, theaters and musicals happen. The events are simply endless and the magnificent city definitely has everything that you’re looking for in terms of entertainment.

If you’re planning on traveling to Melbourne, or simply wanted to know which Melbourne concerts are coming up next, different sites usually offer you these types of information that you’re looking for. As a matter of fact, the majority of these guides and online guides will give you information such as dates, performer, date, time and even sometimes, ticket prices.

While the number of these online guides are gradually increasing day after day, prices may sometimes vary depending on where you’ll purchase your tickets from. If you’re looking for the best deals on Melbourne concerns, here are some things that you can take into account.

Always Read Customer Feedback

Finding information about an online guide or ticket seller isn’t difficult. With the help of the internet, you’ll get to find out what other people think about specific sites. Thanks to reviews and customer feedback, which are most often posted online, you’ll get to know which online ticket sellers are reputable, and which ones to stay away from.

While all we wanted to hear from reviews are positive ones, don’t forget to take into consideration that the disadvantages also play a significant role in helping you come up with a smart decision. Weigh both the positive and the negative reviews, and start basing your decisions from there.

Compare Seating Plans And Prices

As mentioned earlier, not all of these websites have similar seating plans and prices. One site may offer front row seats, but the others don’t. Where do you want to sit? How much are you willing to spend on that particular concert? Compare these two factors and see if one site is better than the other. If both have same prices, choose one that is more reliable and trusted by online consumers and concert enthusiasts.

Mode Of Payment

There is nothing better than being able to print your ticket online and make a reservation through the internet. What are the modes of payment and how do you make a purchase? Although this is a simple factor, many people forget to take this into account, and it can make a huge difference in terms of convenience. Choose one that offers modes of payment that you can manage.

Ease Of Reservation

How easy is it for you to navigate the site? Can you quickly check who the next performers will be? Can you make a reservation that quickly?

The things mentioned above are simple, but when done properly, you can get the best deals on different Melbourne concerns. Don’t forget to take these into account and enjoy all these concerts without having to go through all these hustles and bustles.

Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzo Guitar Composer

This coming Sunday we will be recording live our promo video for our upcoming concerts in Melbourne. Please visit our website to view our new material.

I have now been here in Melbourne for nearly three years and it has proven to be a musically satisfying experience. I have now organised this series of 6 concerts as a consequence of the great cultural diversity of this city and my musical interaction with such communities as: Indian, Italian, Iranian, Greek, Russian, Afghan , Lebanese and many more. Over the last 3 years I have played many Melbourne Concerts with many outstanding musicians which have come to Australia to make this their home.

I find that there is a general sense of eagerness amongst musicians to interact. The Melting Pot World Music Series of Melbourne concerts will showcase 6 major collaborations that I have been fortunate to come by in the last 3 years.

Melbourne Concerts flamenco tablas

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, our first concerts, out of the 6 Melbourne Concerts, will have Hosham Alkozai as my special guest. Hosham is originally from Afghanistan, but was brought up In New Delhi where he was studied Indian Tablas, for over 15 years. His past experience will add a special touch to the final blend of our concerts, where Indian and Flamenco tradition come to life.

These are the details of our first concert:

Sunday July 26th at  2.00  pm.

Special Guest : Hosham Alkozai

Purchase Tickets:
$ 25 ( General)
$ 20 ( Concession)

Where: Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143
(03) 9509 8958

The concert venue dates form 1881 and it´s acoustic are very adequate for live performances.

Please also visit:

My Melbourne guitar school website: The Creative Guitar School

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Tips About Melbourne Jazz Concerts

There are plenty of clubs in Melbourne that play jazz music. However, just a handful of them have made a name and established their reputation as top clubs. On top of the chart as far as Melbourne jazz is concerned is the Paris Cat. This club attracts patrons from different parts of Australia who throng the club either to launch their careers as jazz artists or for entertainment reasons.

Among the visitors who have come to the venue include Cathy who was accompanied by Andrew Jones, DiegoVliallta , Oliver Powell and Mclod. The other group that frequents the venue to play Melbourne Jazz concerts  include Gianni Marinucci’s group which seldom perform standard jazz music at the club.

Michelle Niciole who is currently Melbourne’s finest jazz vocalists has on many occasions performed at the club and is scheduled to perform a selection of jazz music accompanied by the legendary pianist Sedergreen Bob.

Other than the Paris Cat club, there are other venues you will not miss any of the Melbourne’s top Jazz musician including Reverse Swing who is committed at revisiting the 1920s hot Jazz that were hits in 1930s. You will also seize the opportunity to listen to great numbers that were listened to and danced to in1940s and 50s. In addition, you will have an opportunity to select any of your favorite jazz music, listen to it, dance and enjoy the lyrics.

The good thing with most of the bands that take part  in Melbourne Jazz Concerts is that they are all experienced. In fact the leading bands have brought together musicians from different bands that have previously played Jazz at both the local and the international level. They play tunes from both the old and the new generations– including featuring songs from Duke Ellington and Bechet Sidney to American Songbook. They also feature some contemporary music all meant to entertain and inform the public.

Top Melbourne jazz artist

Vivian – is described as vibrant, vigorous and vicious. She was born and raised in Harlem. She was raised by a mother who was a jingle singer. Her father was a flautist who played alongside James brown, thus she had an opportunity to learn music at a very tender age. Her youthful environment was surrounded by night clubs, jam sessions and church music. By the time she started talking she was already singing. According to her, she uses music to express her feelings. Vivian has sung with many of the world’s flamboyant artists including Christina Aguilera, Chaka Khan, and Patti Austine among others.

The Jazz music has so far formed itself into an emperor with top artists such as Shirley Bassey, Gregory Porter and Esperanza Spalding. Other musicians that are credited for their great contributions in Melbourne jazz music is Rebecca who apparently got influenced by her father who was a jazz pianist. She started singing alongside Cole Porter, Van Heusen and Gershwin among others. Rebecca is said to have greatly been influenced by Sarah Vaughan and Nancy who were some of the yesteryear greatest artists that Rebecca listened to.

Thomas Lorenzo a versatile composer and guitarist will also be performing at the Paris Cat jazz Club in May. Please check out his site for Melbourne Jazz Concerts with electric and spanish guitars.

Melbourne Concerts Jazz

The Melbourne Jazz Festival Is A Great Outing

Overview of The Melbourne Jazz Festival

Who is the Melbourne Jazz Festival really for? For many people who are not hard nosed jazz fans it may seem like this event isn’t for them. These people cannot be more wrong about this event. What they get completely wrong is that jazz isn’t for music snobs but that it is for the people. It is a form of music that came out of the  American landscape, that along with the blues are America’s first unique musical creations. At the festival you will find several forms of jazz being played and presented. From the most classical forms of jazz to the new hybrid and fusion creations, you will find something that pleases your ear.

A Great Outing For The Family

What do you have planned for this weekend? We doubt that the average Aussie kid is a jazz fan but as a parent it is up to you to stretch your child’s horizons and to bring culture into their lives. We all have read the research on how music helps a child’s mind develop, how it helps with math skills and how kids exposed to a musical education do better in school. Taking your child to the Melbourne Jazz Festival just might spark something in them that makes them want to take up music as a hobby or even as a passion. For the parents of children who are already into music this is a great time to experience a live music event with them that you all can enjoy.

A Great Outing For Friends

What do you and your friends have to do for the weekend? Are you likely to do the same stuff every weekend? Why not try something different? The jazz festival is a great outing for friends. Check out different musical acts, eat some good food, get out the house and have some funs. What better place to spend your weekend than out with your neighbors, your friends and some great musicians. Perhaps a time to class up your weekend, do something different and have a very good time taking in some culture.

A Great Outing For A Date

Where do you typically spend your dates? The old dinner and a movie thing does get a bit old after awhile. Why not take your favorite activity partner to the jazz festival? I’m sure that they would be impressed, they’ll have a great time and they will thank you for the experience. The music will be world class and not just great. The food is spectacular and the people watching will be second to none. For anyone looking to shake things up this might be the perfect date day or night event for you.

Melbourne Concerts Jazz festival

A Great Way To Soak In Some Culture

The Melbourne Jazz Festival is a great event and time to soak in some culture. Jazz is such an interesting art form that takes a lot of talent to perform well. It will treat your ears to music that you probably seldom listen to but will eventually learn to love.

Please visit our Melbourne Concerts by Thomas Lorenzo website for updates on his flamenco and jazz concerts