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Wollongong, Batemans Bay, Bega, Nowra, Berry Concerts

Wollongong Concerts, Batemans Bay, Bega, Berry, Sydney Concerts

Wollongong Concerts, Batemans Bay,  Bega, Berry, Sydney Concerts

We are warming for our Wollongong Concerts and our South Coast Concerts and 2019 Tour. Gustavo Moreno will be joining me on latin and flamenco percussion. Angel Mellado will join us on vocals and flamenco cante.

Wollongong concerts, Batemans Bay, Bega, Nowra, Berry Concerts

We will be performing a concert of acoustic live music in Wollongong on January 3, in Berry on January 4, Batemans Bay Jan 5 and Bega on January 6. 

At my guitar concerts,  I will share with the audience compositions from my latest albums. As a guitarist, I choose to play the nylon string guitar, also called the Spanish Guitar, because of the unique projection and timbre of the instrument in a solo situation.

An acoustic guitar or electric , even though they seem to have more volumen, are really less versatile than the flamenco guitar, which can be used to portray all artistic expression. I believe that the more as a guitarist I express, the more the listener will enjoy the concert experience. The concert is of an intimate nature but do no expect soft emotions but a roller coaster of emotions. 

Concert Review

This is one review, of  a member of the audience ,which describes the musical feeling that I  convey.

“Flows effortlessly. Expertly allows tension to build with quick delicate melodies to release. It blurs the line between music and pure expression”. Billi Pouki

I love to groove, the same as funk or rock band,  but I also like to create contrast and explore alternative pathways throughout all my compositions.  Please join us this summer at our Wollongong Concerts and on our South Coast Tour

Melbourne Creative Guitar School

The Creative Guitar School will be closing down for two weeks during Christmas. I am very eager to welcome all past and new students,  into the New Year to explore together, all our creative talent on the guitar,  in blues, jazz, rock , funk and flamenco styles. 

Music Production Services

After many years of only producing my own music,  I have decided to collaborate with songwriters to help them achieve the most creative presentation of their own compositions. Read my blog with articles on how to record, how to write a song , subscribe to my newsletter and receive an invitation for a free production assessment where I will offer suggestions, if needed, on how to improve the recorded presentation fo your song: Record and Recreate